We love holidays—special occasions, fun social media days and the calendar staples are all wonderful excuses to celebrate. However, we also think it’s so important to find reasons to celebrate every day!

While themed days have their own celebration customs, days without themes are a blank canvas for you to make your own.

Next time you feel like celebrating, don’t wait for a reason—come up with your own, instead! Read on to discover our favorite reasons to celebrate (that you won’t find a section for at the card store).

1. You Got a Good Parking Spot
So much joy! Is there really anything better than snagging the perfect place to park when you’re out and about? If you had arrived a minute before or a minute after it might not have been yours—a cause to celebrate, indeed!

2. You Crossed Something Hard Off Your To-do List
Whether you wrapped up a major project or you finally scheduled your eye doctor appointment, getting something done always feels like a weight off your shoulders. Celebrate yourself, because you definitely deserve it!

3. You Used the Entire Tube of Lip Balm
We don’t know the exact statistics, but we’re pretty sure it’s nearly impossible to run out of lip balm before you lose it. If you made it to this major milestone, give yourself the credit you deserve.

4. You’re Having “One Of Those Days”
No, not the bad kind—though you can celebrate those, too! We’re talking more about one of those days where the sun is shining, you feel great and everything is going your way. This little snippet of perfection only happens once in a while, so mark it when it does.

5. You’re Getting Close to a Goal
Setting goals and milestones is important, but so is the journey you take to get there! Remember to celebrate the little things along the way; maybe you’re on track to complete your goal but you haven’t been at it long enough to mark it as complete or you’ve just made a huge stride you never would have been able to before. It may not be the end goal, but it’s still a cause worth cheering for.

Next time you find yourself yearning for the next holiday or special event to come along, take matters into your own hands and make every day a day worth celebrating!